Where ordinary pharmaceutical wholesalers stop, Orly carries on going.
We supply medicines that are generally in short supply with unparalleled flexibility, reliably and quickly.

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What can Orly do for you?

We have been engaged in searching reactively and proactively for medicines that are difficult to obtain since 1996. Thanks to our years of commitment, we now source our products from the largest stockpile of medicines that are not readily available in the world. Our service can be divided into three categories.


We notice the lack of availability of existing medicines with increasing regularity. Use Orly Pharma's services. With our extensive network, we can offer an alternative for your patient quickly and safely.

Named patient supply

Named patient programmes focus on an individual patient who cannot be treated with a locally registered medicine. Orly always looks for an alternative that can come from anywhere in the world. Regardless of country of origin, we ensure that medicines are delivered.

General sales

Besides special products, Orly also supplies standard medicines in a parallel product assortment. Via our global contacts, we can source drugs for excellent terms.

You can also rely on Orly for clinical trial supplies.

Call in Orly for sourcing products for medicinal research. We supply clinical trial products and the required documentation discretely, and at any preferred moment. Would you like to know more about our services? Please feel free to contact us.

Who is it for?

Directly for pharmacists

Indirectly for specialists

Not for private individuals

Why private individuals cannot obtain medicinal products from Orly

We are prohibited by law from informing private individuals about or supplying them with medicinal products. We think this is a good thing because a patient's specialist and pharmacist always have a much better view of the situation. What if a medicine is not or no longer available? Discuss it with your doctor or pharmacist and draw attention to the alternative available via Orly.

About Orly.

In 1996, we pioneered tracking down and supplying medicines that are difficult to obtain. Orly quickly expanded to become the undisputed specialist in this area in the Benelux. We aim to maintain our leading position by continually optimising our services.

The people behind Orly

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The reasons for choosing Orly

According to the pharmacist

We are confronted with the lack of availability of essential medicines increasingly more often. Having to give no for an answer to a patient with an urgent medical need is a disgrace in a modern country. To avoid doing this, we like to work together with Orly, which has a specialised department at the ready to find a solution for us quickly.

According to the patient

In 2004, I was diagnosed with Lyme's disease. After years of tests and examinations, the doctors concluded that the standard treatment did not work. I discovered on the internet that alternative medicines were available in the USA. My hospital requested Orly to look into the matter. After that, the arrangements were quickly made. I started my new treatment one week later.