Why orly?

We never forget that a patient is behind every application.

Orly cares.

The reasons for choosing Orly

Because of the rising scarcity of conventional medicines, pharmacists have to spend more time sourcing them. Thanks to our service and focus, we are able to help pharmacists and consequently their patients increasingly faster.

Growing need

We have noticed that problems with delivery continue to increase in Europe. More and more often pharmacists are forced to give no for an answer to patients, even though the medicines in question are locally registered as standard prescription drugs. Situations in which a necessary medicine is simply not available because the amount a country requires is too small to justify the registration costs also occur all too often.

We solve this problem by obtaining the respective medicine or a comparable alternative from another country.

The situation must and can be improved

All registered medicines should, in principle, be available to the patients that need them. We regard not only searching for these products as our responsibility, but also improving the related transparency and availability.

Improving the situation together

We believe we can always do better. It keeps us on our toes. It is also why Orly Pharma works closely with the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists, doctors and the authorities. We like to monitor developments closely so that we can be of optimal service to pharmacists.






Network of partners

We currently have partnerships with various organisations inside and outside Europe. Making our lines of communication shorter, enables us to anticipate shortages and imminent delivery problems more quickly. This model should be implemented all over the world.

What makes us different?

Worldwide access to all medicines

Orly has worldwide access to more than 100,000 medicines that are difficult to obtain. Every year, approximately 1250 new ones are added to the list, which means that pharmacists have the greatest chance of finding what they need through us.

Proactive monitoring system

Orly works closely with other stakeholders to monitor developments from an early stage. Our proactive work method enables us to prepare for medicine phase-outs and scarcity.

Genuine motivation

Our team has the necessary expertise and is genuinely motivated. If you work for Orly, you are prepared to do your utmost every day, simply because you never forget the patient behind every request.

Why orly?

We will even arrange shipment of just one vial of medicine from the other side of the world.


Regulatory support

The pressure of work in pharmacies and the complexity of procedures implemented, for example, by and on behalf of the inspection authorities are increasing.

Orly Pharma has in-depth knowledge of this process. Do you need help? We would be glad to place our knowledge at your disposal to hasten applications for official permits.



24/7 reliability

Orly strives to help you as soon as possible. For questions and/or orders you can click here.


Express delivery

Getting the medicine to the patient on time is the only thing that counts. If a patient is waiting urgently for medicine, nothing is too much for us. We always have a courier on standby for express deliveries when required.

Why orly?

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